The standard blocked pipe or blocked drain issue is often a cause for a plumber. Many people assume that plumbers are only able to deal with issues involving the plumbing. Whilst this makes sense, as it is virtually in the name, there are many more things that they can help out with.

Additionally, trying to fix plumbing issues yourself can lead to larger problems down the track or a waste of money due to improper installation. Ensuring the pipes and taps are operating correctly is critical to the functioning of a household so hiring a professional for the job is beneficial.

Whilst they are there to fix and install things, often there can be other problems that arise or are related to the plumbing issue that need to be fixed. As is highlighted in the below list, they are able to solve all the problems without the hassle of two or three different professionals.

Hot Water Systems

There are a few decisions that need to be made when it comes to installing a hot water system and plumbers are able to aid in all of them from the plumbing of the system to the function and source of energy.

There is the choice between heating the water and heating the pipes which will determine how long your hot water can run for. And then there is the issue of exactly how that heat is going to be generated. Will you opt for solar, gas or electricity?

A plumber can help you decide what is going to be best for your needs. According to the plumber in Sydney, they are also able to fix problems that arise and conduct maintenance on the system. The beauty of this is that hot water systems sometimes require special pipes and good plumbing businesses will carry these.

Roofing Leaks and Guttering

In many cases, people experiencing roof leaks or issues with their guttering don’t know who to call. Having a plumbing service that can do it makes it easy and can be helpful in solving any other problems whilst they’re there.

Roof leaks can be a result of clogged drains or holes in the drainage system. Misaligned gutters can be an issue too and they may even just need to be cleaned out. Plumbers are able to resolve these issues and direct you to a more suitable professional should the issue be serious.

Roof leaks and gutter problems can cause damage to your home especially if the water is getting into the house or walls. Knowing who to call in this situation is important and knowing that your plumber can help makes everything easier.

Gas Repair

Any problems associated with gas in the home can be very dangerous. It is highly flammable and if inhaled in high doses can be extremely harmful. Therefore, finding the right solution needs to be done quickly.

Plumbers are able to help with these issues and can put in place the most appropriate measures to make sure the issue doesn’t arise again. They are also able to install gas systems and replace old ones.

In addition to these more advanced services, plumbing businesses also offer a variety of more standardised services including;

  • Kitchen renovations – to install and connect the plumbing for dishwashers, refrigerators and taps
  • Bathroom renovations – to set up the hot and cold water for showers, baths and sinks
  • Toilet and shower repairs for blocked drains, clogged toilets and even shower heads that are no longer working
  • The basic fixing of pipes, drains and taps due to leaks, breaks and misalignment

With so many different services provided by plumbers, you no longer have to worry about who to hire when a problem comes your way.


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