Most of the time when a plumbing emergency hits it’s never at a convenient time. Burst pipes before a holiday or having your hot water system break down before you have family coming over for the holidays can be a very stressful situation.

Due to the panic and stress caused from plumbing emergencies causes a lot of homeowners to make rash decisions and fix the problem themselves rather than looking for professional help. When you have an inconvenient plumbing problem you should always opt for an emergency plumber. In the heat of the moment you may just pick the first one you see online.

However you should choose your emergency plumber carefully as an unskilled person could cause more harm than good. If you follow these tips you can ensure that emergency plumber that you choose is a trained and trusted professional to help you get the best resolution possible.

Does a human answer the phone?

If you call an emergency plumber you expect to talk to someone immediately and not have to leave a message and for them to get back to you. After all, you’re facing an emergency and need the service done as soon as possible.

If a human answers the phone, it shows that the company is dedicated to their clients and cares about service. If someone doesn’t answer the phone it’s best to look for another emergency plumber rather than hoping someone will call you back.

Does the emergency plumber have the proper credentials?

Unfortunately not all companies that are advertised in print ads have the proper credentials to practice plumbing and are merely there to scam people who are in need. When you are making your decision be sure that the emergency plumber you decide on is fully licensed and insured and not out there to scam people.

If the emergency plumber doesn’t have a license it’s probable that they don’t have the expertise to fix your problem. If they don’t have insurance, if something goes wrong to your household during any repairs you could be left with the bill.

When will they arrive?

When you are selecting an emergency plumber be sure to know what their turn-around time is and when they will arrive. If they won’t get out to you until the next working day then they aren’t really offering a 24/7 service.

Look for a company that responds to their calls immediately and will provide a service as soon as possible.

Do they have follow up services available?

When a plumbing emergency happens it’s most likely that an ongoing issue caused the problem and may need more than one visit to resolve the problem. A lot of emergency plumbing services only offer limited services that are the emergency repairs themselves.

Optimally you should look for an emergency plumber that can return if necessary. As they did the work on the problem in the first place they will understand the extent of it and what needs to be done after the repair.

Follow up services are favoured as they can provide reports that could identify issues that you wouldn’t otherwise know. A good example would be a sink that is clogged but the water running has weak pressure. The report included could identify the problem to the homeowner and state what remedies need to be done in the future to resolve the issue.

If you are in the midst of a plumbing emergency, you need to remember to stay calm and think about it. Spending an extra few minutes choosing the right emergency plumber can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

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