Plumbers, much like fire-fighters are of those professions that you don’t want to use, but when you need it, you really need it. While certain things like, one dripping facet that persists no matter how hard you turn the handle are annoying, there’s no cause for alarm. However there are certainly situations that should. With the rise of emergency plumber services in Sydney, here are four emergencies you might find yourself in need of a plumber ASAP! (Although we hope these do not happen.)

  1. Broken Water pipe
    A broken water pipe as you might expect is a really bad thing. If you’re lucky it might just be spraying water on the inside your wall to leave you with mounds of mould. If you’re unlucky it’ll lead to structural damage and ruined walls, floors, furniture and clothing. When a water pipe bursts often you won’t even realise, as it is typically out of sight. Some hints that a water pipe might have burst:- There’s an unexplained wet patch on your wall/floor
    – A mysterious dripping from the ceiling has occurred
    – The water pressure might be a bit off
    – The taps are taking longer than usual to produce waterOften a broken pipe is hard to identify and disguises itself as another, less pressing issue, but if you suspect you have a broken one, attend to it right away.
  2. Your only toilet is clogged
    If you have more than one then you should be okay for a couple days. If it is your only toilet that is clogged, then you probably want to attend to that extremely hastily. Clogged toilets don’t just mean you can’t use them, they often mean the material in them will soon start to overflow. And depending on the set up of your pipes, sewage water might be forced into other areas, like your sink or shower. While it’s unlikely this’ll happen, it could and that would be traumatic. So don’t even risk it.
  3. Frozen Pipes
    Frozen pipes? In Sydney? Yes. If your pipes have somehow managed to freeze in the humid and temperate city of Sydney, a plumber needs to be there instantly, because something is very wrong. Perhaps it was just one of those especially cold days in winter that did the deed. However it is much more likely that there is a serious problem with the insulation of your pipes. Or that a foreign, cold as ice liquid is rougely roaming amongst them. Frozen pipes result in a lack of water flow and hot water, and will often burst if not attended to.
  4. Lost item
    The worst has happened, you’ve lost an item down the drain. For most things you’ll just have to accept your loss. Although, if it is something as important as a wedding ring, you’ll want to get it back quickly as possible (assumedly). Fortunate might fall your way and the ring might get stuck, leaving it retrievable for much longer. If this is not the case you want to cease all activity in the drain as to not push the ring further and further into the realm of unobtainability. A plumber will gladly facilitate the returning of the ring to Mordor. Plus once they are there, you can double down, maybe get a general maintenance or get them to fix that one dripping tap that didn’t seem important enough to get a plumber for specifically.With the rise of 24 hour and emergency plumber services in Sydney, all plumbing issues are easier (and faster) to fix.

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