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What we can do for you?

  • Repairs of leaking taps
  • Any toilet repairs
  • Clearing of blocked drains
  • Fixing overflowing showers or toilets
  • Burst pipe repairs
  • Gas leak detection and fixing
  • Gas system installation and repairs
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of hot water systems

Plumber Open on Sundays and Weekends

When you need an emergency plumber on Sunday, Plumbers Emergency wants to hear from you. Our emergency plumbers offer service right around the clock, so that you can call as soon as you notice a problem with your system.

Whether you have a leaking roof or a blocked pipe, our plumbers can come and fix it at any hour. Plumbing issues never go away on their own, and in fact only get worse the longer you leave them. Given that, as soon as you spot a problem you know you will need a plumber eventually, you might as well get it fixed immediately.

If your roof is leaking there are two possible causes: your gutters are clogged, or they are damaged. If they are just full of leaves then you can probably fix it on your own, assuming you have a ladder and the right tools, but if there is a problem with your actual gutters then you need a plumber.

Even if your gutters are just clogged a plumber can still help you. If they get blocked up more frequently, wider drains might be a solution, as might a steeper angle to help wash away leaves faster.

You should also call an emergency plumber out if you have a blocked drain. While there are drain clearing products on the market for small clogs in sinks, it is very easy to accidentally damage your pipes and potentially cause them to leak.

It is very common for people to use drain cleaner in their shower, and end up with moisture damage in the floor under their bathroom because they melt through the pipe.  When DIY-ing clogged drains, there is a very difficult balancing act between using enough drain cleaner to get rid of the blockage and not damaging the surrounding pipes.

For all plumbing problems it is usually better to call a plumber than to try and fix it yourself – unless you want to end up with a different, far more expensive issue to deal with. Plumbers clear clogged drains and fix faucets every day, so they will always be able to it properly – and if they don’t, you will be covered by warranty.

So to get an emergency plumber on Sunday or the weekend, at any hour of the day or night, just call Plumbers Emergency. Our plumbers are experts at fixing anything to do with your water system, from the boiler to your gas line, so call us as soon as you think you have a problem.

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