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If you’re in Kurraba Point and need a plumber, we want to hear from you! We can install new systems, upgrade or maintain old ones and do emergency repairs – so whether you want to improve your plumbing, keep your old system going or get repairs done, we can help you!

Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7, and will be on their way to fix your plumbing before you even hang up the phone. For issues like blocks and leaks that need to be fixed before they get worse, our plumber will be at your Kurraba Point property as fast as humanly possible.

Our plumbers are all trained in regular system maintenance as well, with the aim of keeping your plumbing going forever and working at 100% capacity! We use pipe relining techniques to add years to the life of your plumbing system without having to smash into your walls or dig up your garden!

Pipe relining is essentially the technique we use to mould and reshape the inside of your pipes, to keep your water flowing freely and to reduce corrosion. In the process we will also look for any suspect pipes, and if necessary replace any that we find before they get a chance to spring a leak, or worse, burst.

Rattling pipes and decreased water pressure can indicate that your pipes need maintenance. If there isn’t a leak, it is likely that the fittings have been slightly loosened. Similarly, slow drainage and a gurgling sound in sinks or the shower can mean that you have a partial blockage – and you need to get the drains checked.

We also make sure that your gutters are working properly, and find and repair the cause of any roof leaks. Rook leakage can be a sign of structural damage, or a problem with your roofing, so our plumbers will check to find out why your roof is leaking, and fix that as well as the leak itself.

So for any sort of plumbing problem in Kurraba Point, call our plumber straight away! We have the experience, training and tools to fix any problem you might have, and our maintenance can add years to the life of your existing system!

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