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If you’re in Edgecliff and in need of a plumber, call us now! Our plumbers are available 24/7 and understand that when you have an emergency, you need the plumber there as soon as they can. All you need to do is call, try to limit the damage as much as you can and let us in the door!

If your pipes are leaking or burst, it’s important to stop the flow of water as soon as you can. If the leak is close to the end of a fixture or it is a tap that is leaking, there should be a shut off switch at the wall connection (if there is a hose to the wall). If there is a leak in the actual pipes, the water pressure for any fixtures the pipe leads to will be lower, and in bad cases you might see water damage in your walls.

For these more serious leaks or a burst pipe, go out to your water meter and turn off the supply to your whole house. Then turn on all the taps you have to clear the existing water out of your pipes (and hopefully not through the leak). If you can’t get to or find the main water valve, turning on taps can help to reduce the water pressure and so lessen the damage from the faulty pipe.

You should also call an emergency plumber if you have a blockage – even if it’s just a partial block, as you never know when your drain will stop working completely. You will know you have a blockage because the water will take longer to drain, and might make a loud gurgling sound.

Do not try to fix the blockage yourself. Drain cleaners sold in the supermarket can be corrosive if you use them on the wrong pipes, and this can lead to bigger problems than your blockage. Simply don’t use fixtures connected to the blocked pipe until we arrive to help you to fix it.

So if you need an emergency plumber in Edgecliff, call for our help straight away! We will not only find and resolve your immediate problem; we will find out why it is happening and fix that deeper issue as well!

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