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When need a plumber in Cremorne Point, we can help you no matter what the problem or time is! If you have an emergency one of our plumbers will be on the way to your house as soon as you put the phone down, while if you need an upgrade or advice we will also have a plumber out as soon as we can!

The most common emergencies our plumbers deal with are blocked drains or leaking pipes. As these problems will not resolve themselves, and will only get worse and cause more damage over time, you should call us as soon as you suspect a problem and we will check it out.

The signs of a partially blocked drain can be slower drainage through your sink or shower (or, in the worst cases, toilet) and a new, especially loud gurgling sound as your water drains. If you don’t do anything the blockage will get worse and eventually your water won’t drain at all, causing you inconvenience, a mess and, potentially, water damage.

Trying to clear the blockage yourself with drain cleaner can also cause problems, as some drain cleaners from the supermarket can corrode your pipes, depending on what the material is made from. This will cause leaks in your drainage system, which will definitely cause water damage to your house and require new pipes.

A leaky pipe will make your water pressure weaken, and if this happens noticeably you should call us straight away as the leak could be damaging your walls or foundations. You might also see water stains on your roof or walls.

Our plumbers will come out to have a look as soon as you suspect a leak or blockage. Not only will we find and fix the problem, we will also find out what the underlying cause of your leak or blockage is, whether it be corrosion or a narrowing of your pipes, and fix that as well!

So if you’re in Cremorne Point and need a plumber, you know who to call! We have emergency plumbers available 24/7, and we can also help you with renovations, hot water upgrades and installing and maintaining natural gas!

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