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If you’re in Centennial Park and need a plumber, we want to hear from you! We have local plumbers available 24 hours a day, every day of the year! We are equipped to handle all of your plumbing needs, emergency or otherwise, and we can deal with large scale commercial jobs as well as household plumbing!

We know that some problems just can’t wait. If you smell gas, or a pipe bursts, we will have a plumber out to your home or business at any hour of the day or night! Even non-emergencies will be dealt with very rapidly, so that your problems don’t get any worse or more annoying!

Leaky roofs and partially blocked pipes are at first something you can live with, and if you keep thinking this way you can probably keep the problem under control and not have it do too much damage – until suddenly your roof comes down and you have a fully blocked (or worse, burst) pipe.

Your plumbing issues won’t go away on their own, so our plumbers will not only fix the problem, we will find out why there was a problem in the first place and fix that too! Blockages and leaks, for example, often come from a sudden narrowing of your pipes, or at a turn that is too sharp. We can find the problem and replace that stretch of piping so that it won’t happen again.

We also install, replace and maintain plumbing systems, so you don’t just need to call us with a problem! Whether you are remodelling, rebuilding or just slightly renovating, our plumbers can make sure that your plumbing system is safe, or take the opportunity to upgrade! We can help on any scale with this, from replacing the bathroom and kitchen plumbing at a pub to a small bathroom renovation at your house!

So if you even suspect you need a plumber in Centennial Park, let us know straight away, not matter what the problem (or opportunity) you have is! Our friendly plumbers are waiting for your call, and are available 24/7, so don’t wait!

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