Experiencing blocked drains in a home or place of business is never an ideal scenario. Water related issues can add extra stress to an already busy life and schedule. There can also be serious implications when there is a blockage such as structural damage to the property, the growth of mould or the breeding of insects. Mould can have a negative impact on the health of humans and is known to cause irritations to children with allergies. It is important to seek the support of a professional as soon as a blockage is suspected in order to avoid any further mishaps. Blockages can occur due to a variety of reasons but there are some sure signs to look out for that will indicate a block. Here are some ways to know when a home or place of business is experiencing blocked drains.

There has been recent heavy rainfall

Many people who are suspicious of an obstruction will notice that there has been a recent heavy rainfall in their area. This can often cause things to move around inside a pipe and cause a blockage. It can also put more water through a drainage system than it is used to and cause an overflow or flood. It is also important to take note of any water leaks or puddles of water on the property as this can also be a sure sign that there is a blocked area. Experts can easily be called to attend a property and use a drain camera to effectively discover where the block is located. From there the obtrusion can easily be removed, often with a high-pressure hose.

The property is located near salt water or sand

Living near salt water can have many up-sides but the down-side is that salt water can occasionally cause issues with pipes. When salt water enters the pipes, it is likely to leave behind a salt residue which can build up and cause a block. Salt water can also cause a drain to rust and sometimes even break. Living near sand can also be an issue as sand can build up in a pipe to also cause a blockage. Seeking the help of a professional will ensure that a blockage or damaged pipe is quickly found and effectively repaired.

Oil or grease has gone down the kitchen sink

Another way to know if a property is experiencing blocked drains is when oil or grease has gone down the kitchen sink. It is not commonly known that these types of products are one of the main causes for a blockage and cannot be washed down the kitchen sink. It is wise instead to keep a grease bucket or oil bucket that can later be disposed of in the garbage or compost area. Other common kitchen items that can cause issues are coffee grinds, eggshells, and other food scraps. An easy way to avoid unwanted items from going down the kitchen sink is to put a strainer over the sink hole.

There is a funny odour coming from somewhere

Many times when there is a blockage in the pipes this can cause smells to arise in the home. This can be because of stagnant water or it can be the smell of old food or food related products. And, of course, a blockage in a toilet can cause a nasty odour. If someone in the home has noticed a funny odour this could be a sign that there is an obstruction somewhere in the drainage system. A drain expert can easily be called to assess and rectify the situation, so everyone involved can get back to enjoying their property.

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