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What we can do for you?

  • Repairs of leaking taps
  • Any toilet repairs
  • Clearing of blocked drains
  • Fixing overflowing showers or toilets
  • Burst pipe repairs
  • Gas leak detection and fixing
  • Gas system installation and repairs
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of hot water systems

Emergency Plumbers – Your Plumber in Carlingford

Experiencing some blockage in your drains? Having problems with leaking? Call up Emergency Plumbers for an efficient and quality service! As your local plumber in Carlingford, we offer a wide variety of services so that we can help you with what you need.

Our services operate on a 24/7 basis so we are here whenever disaster strikes. We know the stress that comes with unexpected dilemmas – especially at an inconvenient time – so we’ve made sure to be available whenever you make a call for help.

Get great quality service at a competitive and transparent price!

At Emergency Plumbers, we are dedicated to giving our customers a great service at a transparent and competitive price. We know how stressful it is already to have to shell out money for an unexpected repair, and seek to minimise that stress as much as possible.

Our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to accurately predict the price of the job. If unexpected changes occur, we make sure to update our customers with utmost transparency and allow them the ultimate decision on how things are repaired and which fixtures they want to install.

As your local plumber in Carlingford, we are committed to giving you the best service for a competitive price. Give us a ring to get your quote with no obligation!

Don’t wait any longer with our 24/7 service!

At Emergency Plumbers, we know that you can’t control what time of the day your issues arise. As your local plumber in Carlingford, we are committed to being there when emergencies happen, no matter what time it is!

Our 24/7 service means that we can be there to help you out in no time. This is particularly necessary as some plumbing problems can get out of control when they aren’t dealt with at once.

We know how important it is to have a functional water system to complete your everyday tasks, so we aim to be there as quick as possible to resolve the dilemma. Contact us now for an obligation-free quote for your emergency plumber in Carlingford!

Get the service you deserve with our experienced team

Give us a call to hire the right plumber in Carlingford for the job!

At Emergency Plumbers, we make sure that every one of our crew is trained to deliver a high quality service. We know the importance of having a qualified professional take care of your home repairs and ensure that is something we provide.

Your water system is integral to having a functional household. It is vital that you entrust the job of repairing it to someone who is qualified to prevent any issues from occurring in the future. Don’t risk getting a botchy repair or trying to manage it yourself – this can only cause more problems to happen later down the road.

By contacting us for the job, you can trust that it is safe in the hands of your local expert plumber in Carlingford!

Call us to solve any water problem with ease

We offer a range of services so as to solve any issue with ease. As your local plumber in Carlingford, we make sure that no matter what it is you need help with – our team has the solution for you! Our 24/7 service makes us the plumber in Carlingford to ring whenever something goes wrong.

Roof leak

Our team is trained to help out when any problems occur with roof leakage. We can help clean gutters, replace damaged pipes, and install new gutters or drains so that everything is in working order. If you notice any leaking, you should contact us to fix the issue immediately!

Blocked drains

Our crew is here to help if you’re experiencing issues with a clogged sink or shower. Prolonging this issue can cause further damage to your home so make sure you call us up as soon as possible to fix it!


As your local plumber in Carlingford, we’re here to help whenever you need an installation job done or you’re worried about a leak. We know how important it is to fix a gas leak as soon as possible or to get your gas system running up again, so we’ll be there in no time!

Hot water

Hot water is essential to any household and we can help you to repair or install any hot water unit so that you have access to this necessity. We stock a wide range of products so you have plenty to choose from, even if it is an emergency!

Call us for a clear, professional, and friendly service

As your local plumber in Carlingford, we are committed to delivering a service that is efficient and easy so that your experience isn’t more stressful than it already is.

We make sure every interaction we have with our clients is respectful and informative so that you have the assurance that everything is going to be okay. We always make sure to clean up after ourselves so that when we leave, there’s nothing more to worry about!

Emergency Plumbers is dedicated to providing the best experience possible for our clients. Contact us now for an obligation-free quote!

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